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About Us

Whether you shoot traditional equipment or modern compound bows, whether you prefer screw in or glue on broadheads, you will find a suitable broadhead in our range that will instil confidence from the first time you shoot it.

Our Story

Northern broadheads started from humble beginnings. The founder, Adam White, started making the two blade heads for himself and his hunting mates back in 2010 to hunt the large, thick skinned game animals of Northern Australia.

Through relentless trials and testing the flagship head was eventually created and named the 170gr ‘Bull-Dozer’. A vented all-round double bevel stainless steel blade with a wide cutting 1 ¼ “diameter coupled with a solid steel ferule for overall strength, this broadhead went on to be the backbone of all designs going forward.

The word quickly spread that there was a new and reliable broadhead being used that was having devastating results. This drove demand up enough to put the heads into production on a larger scale with the introduction of several other heads including the lighter weights for compound shooters incorporating an aluminum ferule, while still maintaining the wide cutting blades Northern is renowned for.

As our company is growing and reaching out across the globe, and our range continues to expand to meet the ever-increasing demand of hunters, our mission remains the same, which is to deliver our two blade broadheads incorporating the following attributes:

  • A wide cutting diameter blade for maximum damage internally while creating a large enough entry and exit wound making blood trailing that much easier to follow.

  • Sufficient strength in the ferules to support the blade for both the steel and aluminium models without hindering the penetrating ability of each blade.

  • Incorporate our signature Chisel Tip on our single bevel range (both left and right cut) designed through an immense amount of testing on large boned animals proving to be a recipe for success.

  • Maintain an affordable level in the market making our range accessible to all hunters globally.

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